Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Here are some fun videos we have taken over the last month!

The top one will stay black throughout the whole video because it was late at night and I was sitting in the car feeding Lyric. She was talking like crazy and it is so fun to listen to her talk! She is now blowing bubbles and we will try and get it on video ASAP!

The second video is Lyric laughing.. She doesn't laugh too often so each time she does it is a HUGE deal!

The third video is us singing happy birthday to daddy. He had to work on his birthday and so we decided to make sure he got a proper birthday song :)

The last video is Lyric's grandpa teaching Lyric how to walk!

Busy September!

Holy smokes!! Where did September go? The Lacey family has had a very very busy and fun September. Akilah is coaching football for Shelley High School, where my dad is the principal, and his team is 5-0! They are so great and so fun to watch. I get so excited for every Friday night to be able to go to the games and watch Akilah do what he loves to do! I'll keep you updated on his team as I work on being better about blogging :) It is also really fun to take Lyric to the games. I don't get to watch as intently as I'd like to, but it is still fun to get her bundled up, drink a hot chocolate and cheer on the mighty Russets.

We sold our home! We got so lucky and the ONLY family that came to look through our house was the family that will be buying it! We close on October 6, 2012 and will hopefully be in our new home by the end of October. There were a lot of rumors going around our current neighborhood as to why we were looking for another home, but the most funny one was someone said I was pregnant again and that's why we needed a bigger home.. no no people I am NOT pregnant again, just having a hard time getting this baby weight off :(  We actually will be moving into a bigger house, about 5 miles from our current one, but will miss our current neighborhood very much!

I started a new job (Community Resource Worker) in a low income elementary school and I love it. Every day is so much fun and the kids are awesome although I do miss all of the people I use to work with at ISU. It is hard to make close friends at my new school because we are so busy all day long.. making new great friends is definitely something I miss about not working at EITC or ISU anymore :(

 Here are some funny things I have heard the kiddos say:

One girl says to another girl who has a severe peanut allergy: "how are you ever going to have babies if you are allergic to nuts"..... oh yes don't worry she super got into trouble.. but witty oh so witty she is :)

another boy comes up to me at lunch time and goes "i'm a red neck".. i procede to ask "oh yea, how come"... "well, because I was born in Texas and everyone born in Texas is a redneck"!!!

oh I'll keep them coming.. I hear something funny every single day and I love working with the families, community, and students/staff soooo much!

Lyric is keeping us busy. She still loves to sleep and is sleeping throughout the night and taking great naps.. she loves going to her babysitter on Friday's and we are so lucky to have such an awesome family looking after her :) Lyric is still loving to suck on her toes and is almost ready to crawl! She sits by herself so well and loves to play with her toys. She has started eating baby food and seems to really like it. Two of my good friends and I took about 3 hours and made her a huge amount of homemade baby food. We made her peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, apples, bananas, plums, etc... it was so much fun! After we steamed and pureed all of the baby food we froze them in ice cube trays until she is ready to eat them. Such a great way to start Lyric off eating healthy and it sure does save a lot of money. She loved carrots and isn't a huge fan of peas.. so we will have to try them again later.. next up is green beans! Oh yea... she also loves boating, splashing in the bathtub, and she got her first black eye :( we aren't sure how she got it but she sure did!

Hanging at the park with family :)

MMMM carrots :)



First black eye :(

Lyric's Great Grandma :)

oh you know.. just playing in the water in grandma's sink!

SIX Months Old!